We will increase efforts to attract foreign investment. The introduction of foreign large steel enterprises to participate in the merger and reorganization! Tangshan iron and steel industry or will usher in a big change!

Against the backdrop of the global economic downturn caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic, the Chinese economy has shown great resilience, and the Chinese market has continued to become a favored destination for global investors. At present, Tangshan has embarked on a new journey of building socialist modernization in an all-round way. It is improving its level of opening to the outside world in an all-round way and making every effort to create a market-oriented, law-based and international business environment. So, how is Tangshan attracting foreign investment to the steel field? The following author will be combined with relevant policies and the latest data aspects of a brief analysis.

Increase the efforts to attract foreign investment, Tangshan issued a good new policy

We will expand overseas financing channels

On October 19, the Office of the People's Government of Tangshan City issued the 14th Five-Year Plan for Building Tangshan City into a Window City of Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asia. The relevant contents are as follows: Tangshan City will give full play to its role as a financial service entity and guide overseas capital to flow to high-quality steel, high-end equipment manufacturing, international shipping and other export-oriented advantageous industries of Tangshan City; We will encourage domestic capital to invest in high-quality overseas targets such as resources and basic industries, and promote the formation of an industrial chain connecting the five Northeast Asian countries with domestic and overseas financial capital. We will explore the establishment of a special fund for Northeast Asia development jointly funded by state capital, private capital and foreign capital to attract various types of social capital from the mainland and Northeast Asia to participate in the construction of infrastructure, modern industries and major projects in the window cities of Northeast Asia. Support qualified enterprises in Tangshan to expand overseas financing channels through overseas listing and bond issuance;

To carry out cooperative research, development and production of special steel and new metal materials in Japan and South Korea, relying on the four major areas of Tangshan Coastal, Qian 'an, Luanzhou and Qianxi (Zunhua), with Shougang (Jingtang, Qian Steel) and Tang Steel New District as the leading enterprises. We will actively engage with Japanese and Korean steel giants such as Nippon Steel Corp., Japan Steel Engineering Holding Co., LTD., Kobe Steel Co., LTD., PoSCO Co., LTD., support key enterprises in Tangshan to set up joint ventures with Japanese and Korean enterprises, promote the transformation of steel products into steel products, and build a demonstration base for the transformation from traditional steel to boutique steel.

The introduction of domestic and foreign large steel enterprises

In April this year, the Tangshan Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology issued the Construction Plan of the New Industrialization Base in the Bohai Rim Region, which also mentioned that the enterprise merger and reorganization should be strengthened. We will encourage enterprises to make substantive progress by developing mixed ownership, implementing the reform of the modern enterprise system, promoting mergers and reorganizations, and realizing the collectivization of organizational structures. Support regional advantageous steel enterprises to lead the merger and reorganization of other steel enterprises and establish iron and steel groups through the forms of wholly-owned acquisition, capital increase and cross-stock exchange; Guide enterprises with small scale, poor efficiency and weak competitiveness to gradually withdraw or merge into advantageous iron and steel enterprises; Actively introduce domestic and foreign large steel enterprises and strategic investors to participate in the merger and reorganization of Tangshan steel enterprises in various forms.

Tangshan's main economic indicators over the years ranked first in the province

The actual utilization of foreign capital in Tangshan City ranks first in the province

With the development direction of Tangshan's leading industries and characteristic industries being clear one by one, the industrial aggregation ability is continuously highlighted, and the role of the main battlefield of economic development is fully released. According to public data, in 2021, the actual utilization of foreign capital in Tangshan completed 2.1 billion dollars, ranking first in the province. The year-on-year growth rate was 7.9%, 2.6 percentage points higher than that of the whole province. Won the provincial-level award fund of the provincial Advanced City for Utilizing foreign capital in 2021 RMB 3 million, the award amount accounting for 25% of the provincial award fund.

The increment of foreign-invested enterprises in Tangshan ranked first in the province

In 2021, the Market Supervision Bureau of Tangshan City will continue to deepen the reform of the commercial system, continuously optimize the business environment for foreign investment, and strive to provide high-quality, convenient and efficient registration services for foreign invested enterprises. By the end of 2021, the number of foreign-funded enterprises in the city reached 1,340, with a registered capital of 18.816 billion US dollars, and the amount of foreign investment reached 11.028 billion US dollars. Among them, there were 151 new foreign-funded enterprises in the city in 2021, ranking the first in the province.

Tangshan precision investment assessment ranked first in the province

Since 2018, Tangshan has signed a total of 2,692 projects with a total investment of 1,868.24 billion yuan. Among them, 379 projects with an investment of more than 1 billion yuan; There were 93 foreign-funded projects. The ranking of precise investment investment assessment jumped from the 5th place in 2018 to the 1st place in 2021. Tangshan has introduced a large number of high-quality projects, such as Ganghua Zero-carbon Smart Park and Yanlongji National Urban Mineral Demonstration Base, and achieved remarkable results in precise investment attraction.

Tangshan City construction project related indicators ranked first in the province

To build a new industry, Tangshan's base construction is also thriving. Data show that in the notification of construction project progress ranking from January to July 2022, the city ranked the first place in the province in three indicators: project operation rate, actual completed investment and actual investment completion rate. Among them, Hegang's Puhang automotive panel project, which started construction in 2022, is the largest single foreign-invested joint venture project in China's steel industry in recent years.

As can be seen from the above content, Tangshan is focusing on the introduction of strategic emerging industry projects to continuously build follow-up support for the green, innovative and high-quality development of the city's economy and society.

According to Luo Tongzhen, deputy director of Tangshan Ocean Port and Port Navigation Administration Bureau, up to now, Tangshan Port has become the world's largest iron ore handling port, the largest steel and coal export port and an important oil and gas import base and reserve center, further consolidating its position as the main hub port of energy raw materials serving major national strategies.

Iron and steel is the "food" of industry, is the industrial landmark of Tangshan. Once eager for output, now the pursuit of quality, relying on steel, not only steel, improve steel, through reducing the total amount, better layout, improve quality, extend the chain, control pollution, Tangshan from steel smelting city to steel industry strong step.

Nowadays, foreign investment in Tang is showing a new trend and new trend of expanding scale, optimizing structure and expanding areas. The underlying reason is the new reality of China's steady economic growth, optimization of industrial structure, transformation and upgrading of consumption and improvement of investment environment. At the same time, with the implementation of relevant policies in Tangshan, it will further play a leading role in promoting the industrial transformation and upgrading of Tangshan, promoting Tangshan to take the lead in building a new industrialization base in the Bohai Rim region, providing stronger support for the realization of high-quality development of Tangshan, and making greater contribution to the construction of a prosperous, comfortable and beautiful modern coastal city.